The best specialty coffee equipment

Along with the app designed dedicatedly for pour over coffee - Skaffee, Skale helps you to enjoy a cup of clean and delicate coffee.

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Enjoying a cup of delicate coffee is unbelievably simple.

Via the learning mode in the Skaffee app, you will be guided to follow the same speed and time of the master's brewing/blooming process. You can then enjoy a cup of coffee with great flavor at home.

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Come along with the thoughtful-designed app Skaffee, Skale is proved to be the best ever coffee scale.

Complete tool kit and log

Calculating water and coffee ratio, logging the brewing/blooming data, etc. We never miss a single piece of information.


Not only recording

Timer, Weight Monitor, Voice Feedback, etc. You can also be guided to follow the graph of the brewing log to duplicate the same data.


Skaffee is also the best social network for coffee lovers.

Searching for coffee shops, buying coffee related products, and brewing pour over coffee at home can all be made with Skale and Skaffee.

Thousands of coffee lovers.

Over 10000 logs of brewing process shared.

Numerous coffee shops on the map.

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